Calendar Display

The Calendar display in DataStudio is used to display Production Tracking events from either the Production Tracking data store or from tracking events created using the Dropzone datasource. The display can be configured to show the calendar by month, week, work-week or day. The event entries on the calendar can be filtered to display events according to selected criteria.

To open a Calender display, select Open  Calendar from the menu bar(shortcut, Ctrl+K). The display will automatically open showing the monthly view (this can be configured in the toolbar).

Initial Calendar Display
Figure 1. Initial Calendar Display

Initially the Calendar will be empty. In this case a dialog is opened automatically where first selection of production events, which are to be added to this view, can be picked from the ISA-95 Model.
To add another production event to the Calendar display later, select the object from the ISA-95 Equipment Model which has associated batch production records and drag-and-drop into the calendar. Alternatively, the ISA-95 object can be selected and after right clicking, Admin  New  Add item to…​  Calendar selected from the context menu (shortcut, Alt+K).

Calendar Display
Figure 2. Calendar Display

All events from the Production Tracking Data Store related to the equipment object are visible as entries in the calendar. The display indicated the number of Started and Completed events.

Selecting an entry in the calendar will display the batch records associated with the relative events in the table panel below the calendar.

Calendar Display - Selected Events in Table
Figure 3. Calendar Display - Selected Events in Table

To view individual batch records, right-click on an entry in the table and choose JSON Viewer from the context menu.

Batch Record - JSON Viewer
Figure 4. Calendar Display - View Batch Record in Json Viewer