Editing the Root Object

To edit the Root object, go to DataStudio’s menu bar, open the 'Admin' section, and click on 'Edit Root Object'.

Admin Menu
The Admin section is only visible when you are logged in with admin privileges.

In the Edit Root dialog, click on the icon certificate view 32 icon at the bottom to open the Root object in the Object Properties panel.

Startup Script

The Startup Script of the Root Object is the first script to be executed whenever a Core, Connector or Server object is activated the system tree.

Lua Script Body - stores the Startup Script for the Root Object

Timeout - A timeout for the start up script execution can be configured. Once the timeout is exceeded, the next script in the sequential order will start whether or not the startup script has finished running.

Script Library

The Script Library of the Root Object is a Lua Library which is available to all objects in the system.

For more information on Script Libraries see Managing Script Libraries.

Auxiliary State Management

Auxiliary States and Auxiliary State Management for the Root Object can be set. Default is 'Persist'.


This section covers the system’s configuration for Intercomponent Communication.

By default the system requires encrypted communication between components, but this requirement can be disabled.

Encrypted Connections Only - when checked, only encrypted communication between system components is permitted.

Password Policies

By default the system uses this Password Policy for authentication.

Disable - when checked, allows the use of passwords which do not follow the system’s password policy.

Audit Trail

Here the Audit Trail can be enabled and configured. See the Administrator Hands-on dedicated to Enabling Audit Trail.