The Settings Tab

The Settings tab contains the Core connection settings and other information regarding time, language and OPC settings. The Settings tab also contains the Session Log that reports any errors that occur with the inExcel Template.

Web API Connection

The inExcel Template uses the Web API to communicate with the Core. To successfully connect to the Core the following fields need to be entered:

  • Web API address - The hostname or IP address of the Web API server (for example "http://localhost")

  • Port - The communication port for the Web API server (default is 8002)

The WebAPI supports both Windows authentication and Profile Credentials. Select which authentication method you wish to use from the dropdown menu.

If using Profile Credentials, you will also need to enter:

  • Profile - Profile name (must match a Profile object in the Access Model) to connect to Core

  • Password - Password for the profile used to connect to the Core

Settings tab - Actions Pane
Figure 1. Settings tab - Web API connection

Click Initialize to connect the inExcel Template to the Web API.

After installation, the connection settings will be automatically set to the Core server settings configured during installation and the "so" profile and password defined at the time of setup. These connection settings can be changed to connect to other Core servers (for example, a remote server) at any time.

Connection Information

The Current connection section displays information about the existing connection and if the UDFs (User Defined Functions) are OK (UDFs are covered in the description of the "Functions" tab.

Session Log and Write to log file options

The Session Log displays any encountered errors with the inExcel Template.

Session Log Errors
Figure 2. Session Log Errors

If errors occurs whilst using other tabs, the settings tab will display a red dot indicating that there is a problem.

Red dot indicating Session log errors
Figure 3. Red dot indicating Session log errors

A log file for all session log entries can also be created by checking the Write Log File checkbox.

The file will be created in the user directory in the following location:

"C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Local\inmation\ExcelTemplate\Log"