This chapter provides information about the DataStudio main menu bar, the most convenient way to access many of DataStudio’s features. All the available actions and options are covered in depth, including those in the sub menus.


The main menu bar contains menus that each cover a different area of functionality.

  • System

  • Open

  • View

  • Tree

  • Options

  • Admin

  • Help

The System menu contains menu items relating to connection/disconnection to/from the Core server and DataStudio workspaces. The Open menu allows you to create or load displays into the currently active workspace. The View menu allows you to hide/unhide/rearrange panels of DataStudio The Tree menu has menu items, that act solely on model panels showing object trees. The Options menu allows you to change default configuration options of DataStudio. The Help menu has several help options for DataStudio and the system as a whole.

DataStudio is aware of the context of the currently selected panel & object/display & item, so that menu items can get enabled/disabled automatically. This is true for the main menu as well as all the context menus of the various sections.