GeoMap Display

The GeoMap display settings in DataStudio can be changed using these options.

GeoMap Display Default Settings

The default display options when opening a new GeoMap display.

GeoMap Display Default Settings
Figure 1. GeoMap Display Default Settings
Table 1. GeoMap Display Default Settings
Setting Description

Default Map Type

DataStudio has the option of using different map providers for the GeoMap display. The map type chosen will be used as the default when opening a new GeoMap display


The default map style (Only available for some map types)


Default region to be displayed when opening a new GeoMap display

Map Licenses

In order to use some map providers, a license key needs to be configured to allow map retrieval over the internet connection.

Select the Map Type you would like to specify a license key for, and enter the key string in the Key edit box.

Click on the Get key link to open a web page of the particular map provider selected, to retrieve a key.

Coordinate Format

Select the format of the map coordinates from the drop-down menu.

Show Minimap

Check this option to automatically display a minimap by default when opening a ne GeoMap display.

GeoMap Marker Settings

The display options for the markers in the GeoMap display can be changed here. They will be the default when a new marker is added to the GeoMap display.

GeoMap Display Marker Settings
Figure 2. GeoMap Display Marker Settings
Table 2. GeoMap Marker Settings
Setting Description

General Settings - Color Theme

Select a color theme for the marker (not available for all markers)

General Settings - Icon Type

Select a icon for the marker

Marker Startup Type

Select a marker type from the options.

GeoMap Marker Trend View Settings

The display options for the Trend View type markers can be changed and will be the default when a marker is added to GeoMap display.

GGeoMap Display Trend View Settings
Figure 3. GeoMap Display Trend View Settings

These options are the same as the Trend View options described for the Faceplate (KPI) Trend View in the Property Panel Settings.