History Displays

The History displays in DataStudio allow fast and convenient access to any historical data stored in the repository by system:inmation. History displays can visualize archived data from any desired time span, including the most recent time stamp. Some History displays also include an automatic update mode, to include the most recently time stamped data. In this mode the display refreshes the data contained on a configurable period according to new start/end times. The data shown in a history display is always based on aggregates. This means the raw archived data of the time span being queried will be interpreted by the selected aggregate algorithm on the server side and the result will be send to DataStudio to be displayed. All OPC UA aggregates are supported, plus inmation specific ones for best trending results. Refer to the OPC UA spec for a detailed explanation of the available aggregate algorithms.

The History Grid Display shows a table like view on history data, while the History Trend Display visualizes historical data in a trend view.