History Trend Display

The History Trend display visualizes historical data in a trend view, based on a selected time frame and chosen aggregate. Multiple trending objects are supported with a large variety of configuration and display options. The HistoryTrend display can be opened from the Open menu (shortcut Ctrl+H) or by selecting an object in one of the model panels and, using the context menu (right-click), selecting Add item to… → History Trend and choosing a time period from the list or using the Time Period Settings dialog (shortcut Alt+H).

History Trend Display
Figure 1. History Trend Display
Table 1. History Trend Display Menu Bar Options
Element Shortcut Action

icon save


Calls the Save Display dialogue

icon open


Calls the Open Display dialogue

icon settings


Calls the Settings dialogue

icon export


Exports the current content of the trend into a MS Excel file and opens the file automatically

icon backward


Undo action

icon forward


Redo action

icon play backward


Shift trend to left (backwards in time)

icon play forward


Shift trend to right (forwards in time)

icon time period


Open Select Time Period Setting dialog. See the Hands On section of the documentation for more details on using the Time Period Setting dialog

icon refresh 02


Refresh trend data based on current Time Period Setting

icon play


Play/Pause auto updating

icon common axis


Switch Y-axis types

icon cursor

Middle mouse click

Add cursor line

icon cursor floating2


Switch cursor line legend type

icon zoombar


Show/Hide X-axis zoom bar preview

A detailed tutorial on working with the HistoryTrend display and it’s features is available in the Display Hands On page.