History Grid Display

The HistoryGrid display shows a table like view on history data, based on a selected time frame and chosen aggregate.

HistoryGrid Display
Figure 1. HistoryGrid Display

The display can be opened from the Open menu (shortcut Ctrl+J) or the context menu of an object in a model panel (shortcut Alt+J), when the selected object has accessible archived data.

Table 1. HistoryGrid Display Menu Bar Items
Element Shortcut Action

icon save


Calls the Save Display dialogue

icon open


Calls the Open Display dialogue

icon settings


Calls the Settings dialogue

icon export


Exports the current contents of the grid into a MS Excel file and opens the file

icon time period


Opens Time Period Setting dialogue

icon refresh 02


Refresh grid based on current Time Period Setting

icon grid auto resize columns


Automatically resizes all columns to fit content