Using SCI API in the Visual Studio project

The SCI library can be used with any C# project. The target framework is .NET 4.5.

The following libraries have to be added: inCoreTools.dll, MongoDB.Bson.dll and inmationSli.dll. If the stateful interface is used, also add inmationApi.dll. The libraries can be copied from the /inmation.root/support/tools/scidemo directory. If regionalized error messages should be shown, localization resources have to be added. Each language resource file is located in the separate subdirectory. Currently, the SCI API supports two languages: English and German. The English resource files are located in the en subdirectory, the German files in the de directory. In case the installation directory is C:\inmation.root\ the resources need to be located at the following subdirectories:

  • C:\inmation.root\bin\en\inmationApi.resources.dll

  • C:\inmation.root\bin\de\inmationApi.resources.dll

To use inmation SCI API in your project add references to the following DLL’s:

  • inmationSli.dll

  • inCoreTools.dll

  • inmationApi.dll

  • MongoDB.Bson.dll

The SCI libraries are CLR compliant, so they can also be used in other languages than C#.